Character sketches

Since my childhood I had been keen about drawing, I used to sketch out a really nice landscape/portrait and mess it up when I tried to paint them. It took me more than 15 years of my life to realize that I was good at pencil sketching and now that’s all I do when it comes to drawings.

Usually I stick to sketching landscape or monument, never tried cartoons. When I came to California in 2008, I was homesick and missed my lil’ brother a lot. We used to talk all about our school days, the pranks and the time we shared watching cartoon network. My fave show was “The Little Lulu show” and he used to watch a lengthy list of action or sci-fi cartoons. Dexter’s laboratory was our common show! We loved it, mostly because we could relate to it. He was the Dexter and he called me Dee dee…the elder sister who troubled him the most!

Even in this digital era, writing letter and personalizing gifts makes me happy. Although I talk to my mom every other day and see them online, I sometimes send letters. This one day, I thought I should send a letter  to my brother with Dexter’s sketch attached and of course he was happy to receive it!


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