Fall begins with fun ♥

Back to school, busy schedules, homework, tests and quizzes… Starting this week, I feel like ” fall” Fall already with all the classes I’m enrolled into. September is a busy month for me! There’s usually a lot going on…We celebrate the birth of Virgos in our family. It starts with my DH’s birthday, my brother, niece and nephews and a bunch on Indian festivals!
For his birthday, I managed to bake and dress up a triple layer black forest cake. Unlike the past couple of years, this year, we celebrated it amongst ourselves with homemade cake and simple dinner at a local restaurant. Awaiting the extended celebration this long weekend while we slowly bidding bye to the warm weather and welcome fall!

Crystal Earrings

Before I talk about the beads I used to make the jewelry this week , I take liberty to thank Daniel Swarovski on behalf of all the ladies out there. I don’t need to give anymore description.  They are simply elegant and like one of my friend says… “They spin and shine!” I love using them in my earrings and other accessories that I make. 

Moderation is key when it comes to using crystal, the subtle pearl brings out the beauty of every bead. Also, experimented various combinations with these crystal beads.

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