The beautiful people

Landscape is my first preference but for a change I tried out sketching people, culture and attire. The first thing you will learn about India if you wiki/google is about how everything changes from state to state. Language, food, attire, art, cultures, belief and so much more… My Dad’s transferable jobs, helped us travel and live in a bunch of states, mostly in southern and central India. These sketches are a reflection of events in my past.

P.S – Excuse the quality of images, some of these drawings are as old as 13 years now. Just some rough sketches, just feels good to have them around and see it dated 1998 🙂

பரத நாட்டியம்

Bharathanatiyam – a classical dance form, originated from Tamilnadu

Indian Dance form

बोल चूड़ियाँ

Girl dancing Garba – tradition of Gujarat

Reminds me of the dance my friend -Deepa and I performed back then… Give us a ghagra (skirt) and dupatta (scarf) and we will dance all day like a little girls!

पानी पानी रे

Women carrying water in the deserts of Rajasthan

Mother's love

Amish? or may be tribal woman in nepal?  Mother’s love will remain no matter where she came from.

Good night sleep

…and this is just the way my room was propped with table, lamp and window. The moon and the starry night was my imagination, all I could see from that window was the neighbor’s building :-p


8 thoughts on “The beautiful people

      • It does take a take practice, but in time it all works out.
        You are welcome to view my artwork anytime if it will help you, and feel free to ask questions as you do so.
        You already got the basics down. Outline if the foundations of a piece.

        Deb xx

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