Show and tell Saturday : Recycled art supplies

Another post for Show and tell Saturday. Sketches unlike the regular black on white… I began working on both of these projects on different days and realized that my supplies were very limited so I decided to recycle what I already had at home.

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Black and Gold cityscape

<!–more–> I really wanted to use a silver metallic pen that was sitting in my pen holder for the past couple of year. When I began working I realized that it’s all dried out. My mood was set to work on it right then and I was looking for an alternative. Who knew that the nail art pen could come in handy!
It’s a one-time drawing, no erasers used, but I guess, I should have used a ruler lazy me! This drawing requires dealing with isometric projection to create the depth in the original picture above. I’m not completely satisfied with the way it turned out. Guess I just have to practice it more often 😦 

SF cityscape

Angry Birds
When my friends who have toddlers come home, they usually get bored pretty soon… The only toy they find are my stuffed animals and they almost always don’t know the characters… (like the Eric from South Park) Thank God they don’t know! My friends are good parents 🙂
I find angry birds really cute, but it’s no fun to sketch them without color, but again I dint have crayons or paint. While browsing through the art supplies drawer, I found the face paint and crayon stick that I used for last Halloween to entertain the kids. Eureka! I don’t have to go to art supplies store for paint. 
  • Face paint crayons
  • Sharpie marker
  • Yellow highlighter
Moral of the story: Never buy crayons for face painting, They DONT work on skin, but they do on paper!

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22 thoughts on “Show and tell Saturday : Recycled art supplies

  1. Excellent keep going, Nice art,
    some 3 D effect can be seen for the depth of the scene
    create and inverted image of the bridge where light intense is there and diminish the inverted image of the bridge on both the side which will be more value for the art because the bottom portion is water I believe so and these comment is based on that perception.
    its just a comment only
    VKM – India

  2. I absolutely love the SF cityscape pic. And a nail art pen, eh? It really came out great, especially considering, as you noted, there’s no eraser! I love the way the buildings are filled in, and the details that make the water look like it’s rippling.

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