Festive Henna

Happy navrathri!

Happy Navarathri!

The joyful festive season is on… Not just in the western part of the world, we have a series of  festivals lined up till Jan and this week is navarathri-dushera-Durga pooja in India. There are prayers, offerings-good food, singing, joyful dance of dandiya with sticks and apply henna.

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Henna is a considered auspicious and is a part of navarathi tradition. Its pain-free temporary tattoo, safe and totally natural if you buy it from a reliable source. I love enjoy applying henna and the designs are endless. After keeping it on for 4-5 hours, it stains the skin to a bright crimson red color. Sharing some pictures with Indian and arabic designs on my hand and others.

26 thoughts on “Festive Henna

  1. Those designs are just amazing and the patterns are quite inspiring. Kind of nice that they slowly fade and then you can replace them with something new – kind of like getting a fresh start all the time. Loved looking at them so much. Trace xx

  2. Wow… it is so beautiful! I love the intricate designs. Quite the artists that apply it! Gorgeous. Thank you so much for joining us ‘in the studio’ and sharing this!

  3. This is so beautiful and artful! A friend and I applied henna once and even though mine was a simple design, I was so impatient for it to dry and even smudged it a little! I don’t know how you do it, especially with such intricate designs! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for reading and commenting on my blog this week! 🙂

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