Rustic copper swirls

Rustic copper swirls

Its fun to play with wires, the swirls are a sweet twist when combined with crystal to make these cute earrings. While at it, I found myself unhappy with store brought ear-wires, if you are a jewelry maker you know what I mean. I made these ear-wires, the finish is just the way I want it to be.  They are a perfect pair of earrings with peach and earthy blue green crystals beads.

Clusters pearl and crystal

Cluster earrings, the ones that look like a grape bunch are my personal choice. If u put together the soft white pearls and grey crystals together, they make a versatile earring that one can wear with almost anything. Check out the older post for other cluster earrings in my older post. The colorful clusters 

Focal bead

The crystal bead, doesn’t always have to be the focal point in an earring. Sandwich the spacer bead with bright blue crystal. The other red and green earring is slim and elegant and has an Indian touch to it.


22 thoughts on “Rustic copper swirls

  1. My favorite are the first pair. 🙂 I’ve played around with wire here and there and found that it takes a very special person to work with it. Not ME! You do a wonderful job and your photos just add to the beauty of your work.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! In reply there…
    Thank you hellopalz! You know…this one went pretty fast! Always a happy experience when that happens!


  2. Those bead works You have made are beautiful, but so are also Your photos from them. I know that to take good photos from beads is not as easy as one might think. We test many times with my wife the best background and light. I have never succeeded so well as You.

    Happy week-end!

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