TAJ – Colors

Tour Activity Journal – Colors

Starting a new category for travel and photography. Macro photography are great, I would love to explore into that field more. The green leaves and water droplets are just my practice shots. 

Fall foliage in california is kind of rare and beautiful. I find myself luckily to be at the right place on right time for these clicks. The bike with a basket full of color is my favorite. Which one do you like? 


Basket of colors

Due drops

Bamboo green

Green feathers

Camera technique courtesy – Kiran Narayan. To check out his style, visit his blog.

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11 thoughts on “TAJ – Colors

  1. Been touring your blog, enjoying it all. These are great shots, I’d be hard pressed to choose one, but I must say that second shot does stand out, like how you framed it. And I’m a fan of the macro shot, so I love the ferns. Love your jewellery as well!

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