Mozzarella onion buns for breakfast!

Sometimes, you think that there are certain dishes that you never cook at home. Bread is one such food in my list of items that cannot be made well at home. Well, I must say that blogosphere is one inspiring place to be! I’m honored to write a guest post for Moms crazy cooking during this holiday season, it’s all about meeting people, good food and happy cheers. 

Mozzarella Onion buns

Whole wheat bread loaf

 I started out looking for yeast and found the recipe on Fleischmann’s website, of course I altered it per our taste.  My husband loves artisan bread and making it with whole wheat is always healthier. This recipe makes a regular loaf for bread and I also tried out a couple of buns. The fresh out of oven, melting cheese buns will make your hearts melt.  


Whole wheat flour – 1 1/2 cup

All purpose flour for kneading 1 cup

Water – 3/4 cup

Butter – 1 t.spoon 

Salt – 1 t.spoon

Sugar – 1 t.spoon

Honey – 1 t.spoon

Fleischmann’s Bread Yeast – 1 packet

For Filling

Mozzarella cheese balls

Golden sautéed onion or jalapeños

Olive oil

Black sesame

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With water in room temperature, add sugar, 1 spoon of flour and the yeast. Let the yeast froth for 30 minutes.

Add the wheat flour, salt, sugar and honey to the yeast mixture and mix well, cover with damp cloth and let it sit for an hour.

The dough should fluff up as shown in the pictures. Sprinkle all-purpose flour a little at a time and knead the sticky dough by hand.

Spread some oil on the smooth dough ball and let it sit for another hour or so for the second rise.

Meanwhile, butter the loaf and bun pan and sauté some onion in olive oil, until golden brown for the bun filling.

Once the dough doubles its size, cut a quarter of it for the buns, roll the rest and place it in the loaf pan for the last rise.

Flatten the dough carefully and fill it with onion and cheese. Coat the dough with butter and sprinkle sesame seeds.

Cover with a cloth and let them rise for another half hr to an hour before they go inside the oven.

Pre-heat the oven to 400 F and bake the bun for 20 mins and loaf for up to 30 mins.

The buns taste the best when warm, the melting cheese and caramelized onion filing is a savory surprise.

Let them cool off before you slice and store them in airtight container for a couple of days.


14 thoughts on “Mozzarella onion buns for breakfast!

  1. I love making bread at home and this looks too good to pass on it so I will have to give it a try some time soon. It combines my favorite mozzarella, onion, olive oil, and bread. Thank you so much for linking up to Weekly Stew.

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