TAJ – Little did I know the last summer…

…that I would move from California to New York for the Christmas!

The Silicon valley, the bay area, the Nor-Cal… these are just a few colloquial ways to describe the northern part of California, the place where the city of love, San Francisco is situated. Having lived here for almost 4 years and calling this place my home has always made me happy.

Exploring the endless Wild West is hella fun, now I’m ready to visit the busy east. Here’s another post on my tour activity journal featuring New York city. The city literally never sleeps. A ten-day summer vacation in New York and states around was just so perfect. My friend Deepa made a special time of my life.

The Architecture

The first couple of days passed by with a lot of shopping at the century 21 and visiting place in the financial district, including Ground zero, the statue of liberty, the churches, the wall street, the Brooklyn bridge, the bull and so much more!

Around the Sunset will be a perfect time to view the city from on top of the Rockefeller.

We visited the time square on August 15th, the Indian Independence day. It was nice to find the Indian tricolor flag up here…Food, people, shopping its stays awake round the clock. 

The Museums

Ahh… The museums in NYC are so amazing!!! I visited both Metropolitan museum of Art and the NY Museum of natural history. Needless to say, I loooooove the METS museum. One day is definitely not enough, especially if it  included a walk across the central park. Its huge unlike the way it looks from Rockefeller plaza, I was alone and kinda got lost in it. 

I wonder what were they are thinking? A window pane. hmmm….

This artist at the museum caught everybody’s attention with his work! It’s inspiring to visit this place, I’m so gonna visit it over and over when I live there! 🙂

For all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan out there…. this one so reminded me of Ross Geller! Friends is based on NY city life but was actually shot but in a studio in Hollywood. I wasn’t happy to learn this fact when I visited Universal studio. 

Cityscape from Hoboken

The exchange place at Hoboken is cool place. Away from the super expensive city yet so close. The view of the city is awesome and calming!

Alvida California Potluck

Life is so full of surprises… here comes the hard part. Its time to say good-bye to the Oranges, the sunshine and all my friends!

Met my gal-pals in Fremont and I made this for dessert….Check out the recipe here. I’ve never tried to decorating a cake, with home-made whipped cream topping. It sure was harder than I thought I would be. Ehh.. who care about the swirls, it tasted amazing!!!

Have you been to SF or NY? Tell me… what do you think of living in these places? Happy Holidays!!!

8 thoughts on “TAJ – Little did I know the last summer…

  1. Oh… I am loving all of your photos! I have never been to New York, but I have always thought it would be an amazing place to visit. Judging from your post, it sure would be amazing to visit! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. I have never been to either but I have been to Philly and Las Vegas… Vegas was a lot of fun but I don’t think I would want to live their but I feel in love with Philly and one day I hope we will make a home there.

    Excellent photographs…. I look forward to visiting NY one day.


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