My first crochet scarf

While we bundle up in cold awaiting the first snowfall this winter in east coast, here I am sharing the warmth with a story of how I happen to crochet a scarf…

Learning to crochet is one of those things, when once learnt can never be forgotten. Like a baby learning to walk, balancing the bicycle or staying afloat in water. I took my first step probably 10 years ago during the arts and crafts class in my school days. All I could make were small coasters with the basic stitches. Every once in a while, when we walked past the yarn isle in the crafts store, my DH used to ask if I could make a sweater or a scarf for him. I was reluctant to buy because I felt that I spent way too much on my hobbies. I finally changed my mind and picked up the super bulky wool and crochet kit from walmart. Result? A cozy warm men’s scarf!

  • Wool – Lion brand little granite and the black cambridge tweed 
  • Stitch – Single crochet (sc) and chain stitch (ch)
  • Hook size – N

Making a scarf doesn’t get any easier than this, all I needed to learn was sc and ch stitches. My husband wanted a scarf long enough to tuck beneath his winter jackets so I made a 4 ft scarf. The book that came with the crochet kit was pretty good but honestly I have hard time decoding the crochet pattern so I found these videos by Crochet geek on YouTube. If you are a beginner I suggest  Teresa’s blog/video for step by step guide to complete any crochet or knitting projects. I’m no expert to share patterns and tips on how-to-crochet. It just makes me happy to have finished a scarf that he wears to work everyday! 


21 thoughts on “My first crochet scarf

  1. Nice scarf!! I haven’t tried crocheting one before now (I am currently making one for my boss), so this will be my first ever. lol I insists and keeps dropping hints. lol I hope your husband liked it!

    SilentKat of SilentKat’s Crochet Creations

    • Thats cool, you should share your work when you finish it, I’m gonna post another crochet post later this month. Yeah my husband wear it work and night out in the city, on cold day…

      • I totally intend to share it, but since I’ve never made a scarf before, I don’t know how long it will take me to crochet it. I also have a few other crochet projects I am working on at the same time.

  2. What a lovely scarf! That shade of green is gorgeous! I am always pestering my husband to add a scarf to his outfit on our date nights, but being the boy he is, eschews all things fashion. Maybe if I make him one, I can finagle him wearing one more often!

    I have a few tutorials on my blog you might like. 🙂 Feel free to check them out!


  3. This is a beautiful scarf, and I love the color. I have always wanted to crochet or knit, but it hurts my hands. And the henna below is incredible. Really lovely blog you have! I will be back!!!

  4. Impressive! Looks really great for a “first time” project! I don’t think I would be brave enough to share pics of most of my “first” projects ! LOL!


  5. Great job! I think it’s terrific that your first project was for hubby. After all, he was the initiator for you retrieving that skill, right? 😉

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. I hope you’ll join the fun each week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

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