Love is in the air

Every artist was first an amateur…Until he finds his muse. 

With hearts and roses, smiles and peace…The trance of love fills the air. What more can I expect in this month of Valentines?

In this post, I’m sharing two freestyle work of art and participating in the monthly challenge at Artist In Blogland. It stands for its name, a place full of amazing people and very talented artist. Thanks to the host Marcia for connecting us. This months topic is Expectation and I’m submitting the black paper art- love.

A fun way to spend this cold Tuesday afternoon indoors with colors.

Black paper – silver ink

The first one is quite simple doodle art on black paper with a metallic silver pen. I let my hands go with the flow to twist & turn and fill the heart with sweet love.

Crayon scribbles

The one below is peace-love sketch crayons. Actually its the face paint crayons that I don’t really use anymore. The blow dryer came in handy to heat and smudge the wax a little. As always I’m not happy with my work ‘coz it involved colors, I guess. Eh, why bother, like they say… Every artist is an amateur to begin with.

Is it just me or do you find the one in black and white a little better than the color?

Crayon graffiti



42 thoughts on “Love is in the air

  1. I have been working with different mediums for some time now…Starting out with Charcoal first, and have always held a fondness of charcoal for the very same point that Cara made. “Charcoal embodies and elegance,” that no other medium can quite do. Charcoal speaks louder, or better said, “more clearly,” This is likely due to the minimal pallet of just black and white. Color can confuse and begin to speak other things to the viewer that the artist has not meant.
    I still love them both, one give me a clear message (the black and white). While the one in color speaks other things to me, opening up my mind to the possibilities of what the drawing could mean.
    Excellent work, Pyria!
    Hugs, xx

    • Thanks Debbie and Cara… I love your charcoal drawings too. You are right about the color, i dont know what message it delivers to you, but one thing for sure… I see that i means i’m just an amateur with colors.

      • We all have a starting point with out work. I started out doing stick people just back in 2005-06, but with practice we evolve in our work…as you will too…I promise. I have been watching for a while and you are coming along just fine. Let me tell you something else….we are all amateurs because there will always be someone somewhere more advanced that we are. Artwork is not something learned, but a journey of experiences.
        You are a star, and you are doing great!
        Hugs, my friend!

  2. Love is in the air? I can already feel it breeze it into my wallet. Her birthday comes around Valentine’s Day and so if I mess up around this time I don’t get another chance until another year.
    Like the black paper doodle art. Must say your hand follows your heart beats in a rhythmic fashion to create such an art work!

    • Lol… thats true, definitely heavy on the wallet with double celebrations…. Its our 4th anniversary, this weekend. But we somehow get to celebrate love just once. 😉
      I now feel i must have chosen our wedding date in one of the months with no festivals, birthday or any other celebrations…

  3. The doodled heart is just stunning. I like the freeform of it, you have to look twice to see, but then it’s just so obvious you’re surprised you didn’t see it the first time.

  4. I love your painting and I think I agree. For some reason, the black and white really just speaks to me. The silver ink drawing is gorgeous! I thought it was something in 3D, like lace. Beautiful work!

  5. I just love the black one with the lace on it. I can see it hanging at a wall. It’s just bold and simple. I am going to agree with you with the black and white one. I am not sure but it looks soulful but both processing of the drawing are wonderfully done

  6. Wow, you are very talented! I love both your pieces! And, I think your peace drawing looks great in color and in black and white, but I do think the black and white one is more dramatic ;o) Have a great sunday!

  7. how can I not smile when I see silver on black…. and so much movement and texture… love that piece the best, though the crayon piece has oodles of energy, maybe I like it best… now I can’t choose… I just like them both…xx

    • Yeah i have been getting comments that it looks like a lace etc, but it really is simple. I used a silve pen and sketched aimlessly on a black paper! Thank Terri for the lovely comment!

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