5 ways to use the turquoise blue beads…

A little while ago, I had been to the international beads festival in San Mateo, a place I call my ‘candy store’! Beads, charms, findings, tools, Oh My… I just could not get enough! I found some really nice Swarovski crystal, turquoise, pearl, coral, sandstone, ruby and so much more. Now that’s called a beads shopping spree. 

Today’s post is all about the turquoise and few other blue beads. As a jewelry designer, I’ve always wanted to start using semi-precious stone. The color blue is pretty versatile and I love the way it behave with various metals. The first few items are with silver metal, white crystals and charms beads. I’ve also made a few pieces with copper wire to compliment the blue.

1. Simple stud and drops

I was wondering how fun it would be to have someone model my designs. Objects and people put together makes a great photo shoot.  Right? This one is short earring with silver stud instead of fish hook ear wire. Mix it up with a chunky beaded necklace and balance out the look with a smaller earring like this.

Oh… Thanks to Eva Mendez for the guest appearance.  😉 Hope I dont get sued for this! 

2. Heart Turquoise droplets

This is my signature dazzling droplet earring but with a heart-shaped turquoise bead. Find more on my jewelry page with black, pink, and other beads. My friend, sis-in-law gifted me this cute three chest drawer when she returned from the India trip. Its a great prop for jewelry photography. Thanks Shobi!

3. Blue beaded necklaces and chandelier

The crystal chandelier is made can be made with a few eye pins, fish hook ear wires, tube beads and crystals. Silvery with a touch of blue, these earrings can be worn with a black or a white dress.

Blue chandelier

The size of the beads and the pendant makes a whole lot of difference. Although the tarnished flower pendant is pretty in its own way, love the one with the blue marble stone. It kinda has an even finish and matches the beaded chain well.

4. Turquoise with copper spirals

Turquoise is such an earthy color and copper wire enhances the beauty of this stone. While you check out rest of this post, have an orange.

An Orange a day keeps the cold away… says Priya 😉  The goodness of  vitamin C found in oranges cant be bad for you… Oh, you dont have it right now… Its ok, just eat any fruit or a glass of water at least! Stay healthy!

5. Blue crystal wirework

Wire work and wire wrapping is a fun technique to upgrade yourself in jewelry making. You can make your own findings, shapes and charms once you learn it. The sparkling blue crystal looks just as good as matte finish turquoise. I love this 2D to 3D photo turned out to be. I dont know her name, but she sure is gorgeous with a flawless skin!

So yeah… those are the five ways to use your turquoise blue beads to make wearable jewelry! I started out blogging as a platform to share my designs and finished accessories. But my blog is so full of all the activities that I love. I cant believe my last jewelry post was back on the last day of 2011. Its almost been 2 months now. Come back to find more of my designs with coral, pearls and ruby.

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18 thoughts on “5 ways to use the turquoise blue beads…

  1. What are the latest earrings that I prefer
    I too have a passion for the creation of jewelry now whereas before I was rather paint!
    I hope you understand my bad english!!!

  2. wow! Priya, your jewelry collection is stunning. are you in NY/ Where do you buy all the materials frm/ I used to make jewelry some time ago now my interests have shifted to other artsy fields.your pieces are inspiring me to start all over again – 🙂
    Have a grt weekend

    • Thanks susan, My bead collection comes from various places, like i said in the post, i like the gems and bead show, I buy them online, from India. I moved to NY recently and I have heard there is one really nice place where they sell beads for very less. where do u live?

  3. great ideas and I love how you have presented this post… I always think turquoise means summer and it is the exact colour of the pool just outside my studio window which is calling me for a dip to escape the summer heat…xx

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