The monument tour

During the time I visited east coast, my friend and I took the economy bus tour and visited the capitol, the ivy league and all the iconic monuments. Although not the best way to visit, bus tour was a great option for me. No driving or worrying about the location, stay or anything. We left at 9 in the morning from NJ, the bus was running full. Soon we realized that the itinerary was in fact to so jam-packed that we would hardly have time to breathe!

Princeton University, NJ

Our bus was full of couples, families and we were the ones taking a girls day out. Deepa and I have been friends for over 7 years. Probably because we both think act and are very alike! We planned to stay ahead of the group so that we get a chance to listen to the guide and have enough time to take photos.

We visited the various halls and artwork in the campus, learnt that the green lion, made of copper just like the statue of liberty. Yeah, I was happy to visit an Ivy league, the architecture was pretty cool but I’m from India, the country known for ancient architecture.

Liberty bell, Pennsylvania

From the jersey, we headed to Philadelphia, a quick visit to the bell that cracked when first rung. It has a huge history and is also an iconic symbol of American independence. The whole point of taking a historical monument tour was defied when we were given 45 mins to lunch and visit the bell.

Baltimore Harbor, Maryland

Another half hour visit to the harbor, by this time, we were rushed enough to lose focus. We just wanted to have fun, take photographs and relax. After a short walk and bunch of poses, when we came back to the bus, the guide almost yelled at us for being late and warned that they would leave if we were late. You see, we were the enthusiastic ones, early today and now, just tired. 😦

Washington, DC

This was the best of all the places, the city was well planned, the monuments were interesting and again a lot of history. The one below is the Korean war memorial and the majestic Abraham lincoln statue. 

Korean war memorial

It was a cloudy summer evening and drizzling rain made the day beautiful. This is the view from the lincoln memorial with rainbow in the background and the tall standing washington memorial. After a long day, we had dinner, made some friends at the bus and it was almost 11 when we reached the hotel, dead tired!

Washington monument, lincoln memorial

Next morning, we left early and headed out to the capitol building and spent almost half day with audio tour and gallery. It has a gorgeous architecture both inside and out and again, history!  Good to know hard to retain kinda information. 

Best friends forever 🙂

It sure is an interesting tour as a whole but a little dry for our taste. I guess we made it enjoyable with the funny, unforgettable incidents during the trip. From outfits to sandals, make up to manicure, we shared and planed it all. Here’s a glimpse of the unlimited fun with my BFF.

And.... thats the way girls have have fun!

Smithsonian Air and Space museum

Last but not the least, we visited the Air and space museum. The Galileo telescope, the Sputnik and all the cool aircraft. We had good half day to check out the exhibits and learn so much about everything interesting. 

Air and space museum

Now since I’m here in the east, my husband and I hope to visit the DC again, during the spring cherry blossom and share a splash of pink on blog. Ciao!

13 thoughts on “The monument tour

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment. I love the photo of the rainbow over the monument. Id love to go to DC again one day. You really captured some great photos and memories….

  2. How many beautiful photos! I’ve never visited the Esat Coast. I went to USA three or four times, but only went to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, because my sister used to study in LA. 🙂

  3. How have I missed what a wonderful photographer you are! Right now I wish I was able to go to Washington DC and see the cherry trees in full blossom! Have a great weekend!

  4. What a great set of photos. My I was captured by the photo – Korean war memorial. Generally speaking I love memorials and I always take photos from them. In Finland in every smallest village there is a memorial.

    Thank You for this lovely post.

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