Rural landscape -digital and charcoal

Rural Indian living

Charcoal landscape

If you travel outside the cities and urban India you will learn a totally new perspective of the people and the places. The modern cars are replaced by bikes and rusty old bicycles. The shopping mall and multiplex is replaced by those basic cinema theatre. The fancy apartments and bungalows are replaced by poverty struck huts. 

At this point, people don’t really consider themselves homeless, they make the streets their home and learn to live with what they have. I tried to add the elements like the hand pump bore, water pots and buckets and so on. 

Indian village huts

Digital landscape

Polyvore is a lovely site to find fashion inspirations and share your style, I used the clip art to make this simple country scene a man fishing and enjoying the solitude. 

AIB monthly theme challenge

Artist in Blogland is a cool blog where I connect with other very talented artists, conducts a month theme based contest. The theme for February was ‘Expectations’ and my participation entry was Love is in the air won this contest. Yay!!! Ildi, from Cukipok Doodles is sending me this cute paper pendant and doodle card. Thanks a lot for the contest, the votes and the prize.


22 thoughts on “Rural landscape -digital and charcoal

  1. Wonderful works you have been producing here…I love it.
    I have a problem with Polyvore though. I’ve found on 3 occasion people that used my art work to use as their own and had to report them…they took the work and post down each time, but I have to keep an eye on them. You be careful too.
    Hugs, xx

    • Yeah…thats true about the polyvore, people use all the clipart and everything else out there on polyvore to make sets. for someone like you who sells the work and is professional it may nt be the best idea. as for me I’m learning and love sharing!

  2. I love the sketch! yes, it’s the same way in Jamaica.. once you get away from the beach and the tourist spots, it’s different, and then once you get up the mountains into the rural areas you see a real change! It’s beautiful country but everything is very simple and basic and worn out. You’re right though, the people there live with what they have!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. i’m very happy that the parcel made its way to you! i was a bit worried as a similar package sent two weeks earlier in Australia still didn’ it did took 4 weeks to arrive,a precious info for me :).wear it healthy and happy! and if you wish i would love to see a picture with you wearing it! my mail is but only if you wish 🙂
    kind regards,ildi

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