Manhattan’s green parade

                                                       Is it a holiday? NO!                                                                                            ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣
Is it a celebration?TOTALLY!!!

                 It’s St Patrick’s day!

                                                                                               Irish Green!


Women of all ages

Living near Manhattan, we have been taking advantage of the free events. Today’s highlight, the St. Patrick’s parade!

The day started early when we headed out to the METS museum to watch the best St. Patrick’s parade in the US. We reserved a seat on the stair but soon found that the parade ends at 79th. We walked through the crowd to find a good spot and end up in front of a house on 5th ave. Warm and sunny, what a great day to feel the city! 

Bagpipes and drums, flute and barrels, the irish folk music and the american march, the parade started at 11.30 and lasted for over 5 hours! I loved the spot mostly because the band would salute right when they passed by.. Realized, we happened to be infront of the Mayor’s house! The photos I’m sharing in the gallery is just a glimpse.  You would love to watch these in wide-screen( the one template that my blog wont support), its way better.

Photo Gallery

Find me in one of these photos…. with a green hat and green eyes, all dressed up for the day. 😉

After a long day and tiresome walk around the city, I made sure to post before end of the night! Kinda like photo journalism, seems really hard by the way. so excuse the mistakes. Good Night!

Photograph courtesy :- Kiran Narayan

4 thoughts on “Manhattan’s green parade

  1. Great photos, especially that top one of the woman and girls. I missed the parade though I still was out and about taking pics of everyone in funny green outfits. It was fun except drunk people think they’re way funnier than they actually are.

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