Exotic Jaisalmer- the golden fort

On a cold december evening, I packed my bags and headed out to the Bangalore airport with my mom and brother to met my dad in Ahmedabad. The story line goes back to 2006 when I still lived and worked in India. I remember this day vividly, probably because I got a call confirming a job offer, I had interviewed for early that week. Early next day, while we drove from Gujarat, we witness this diverse landscape, drought and poverty struck lifestyle. Yes, we were heading into the Thar desert situated in Rajasthan and our destination….. Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer, the ancient city of  hill fort located in Rajasthan, attracts tourist from all around the world. I managed to capture the beauty of this place with a basic Olympus camera, I believe it turned out good enough.

A man playing Chikara, very melodious, folk string instrument. Within the fort walls, the streets were filled with vendor selling local art and handicrafts. Aren’t these colorful cloth dolls beautiful?!

 This is a shot of the golden fort. It seems in 1100s, King Jaisal built this fort with yellow sand-stone to camouflage against the desert. 


The camel safari, the artistic structure, evening dinner with Rajasthani folk dance and music makes this place a unique destination for tourism.

The photo on the right shows me and my brother, rolling, playing in the sand dunes before sunset. It was a wonderful vacation….  I came back, accepted the job offer and worked for JP Morgan Chase for a year and realized that dreams do come true. So much fun, those were the days…life was so easy!

24 thoughts on “Exotic Jaisalmer- the golden fort

  1. Very much unforgettable moments of our family trip. we go out on such tour very rarely but we make every moment unforgettable. definitely every trip happened for us thank God

  2. Oh my goodness… what an amazing and beautiful place! That is so neat that you have seen so many gorgeous places! 🙂 I love the shot of the footprints in the sand. Thanks so much for sharing your trip!

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