Interchangeable pearl-coral necklace

Getting in touch with my roots, this necklace is made with the ethnic vintage design in mind. We Indians love gold and gold tone, mostly because it looks gorgeous on our olive, dusky complexion.
Soon after I ventured out into jewelry making, my family from India visited us and I realized that I seldom could gift them the handmade items. It turned out to motivate me to kick start these ethnic designs.
Interchangeable chains

Interchangeable chains

Something unique about this necklace. The store-bought pendant and earring set is the common piece while it’s designed to swap the handmade beaded chains with a simple lobster clasp. Howzat! 🙂
Make a statement with  red coral attachment or wear it with elegant pearls finished with this contrasting pendant. I added a few ruby reds and green crystals to balance it out.
Pearl coral beaded

Pearl coral beaded

These two pairs of necklaces, one with ruby another with emerald was made over year ago and preserved safely so that I can gift it to my mom and mil when visit India.
It’s that time now and they absolutely loved it! Makes me so happy to see them wear it with Indian sarees and salwars.
Now since I’m here I’m taking it slow… ‘coz I’m enjoying the tropical fruits yet suffering in heat, relishing grand festive meals whilst attending crowded indian gatherings. In a nutshell, I do feel homesick in hometown, but the busy days are keeping the blues away.
Ethnic coral necklace

Ethnic coral necklace

Cant wait to go beads shopping here! Tell me how do you like my design and photography. Pin it if you like it!!!

15 thoughts on “Interchangeable pearl-coral necklace

  1. Wow I love the designs. Can I ask you what the differnece is between the gold jewelry of my Indian friends and mine?…they seem to have a different color tone to them, is it a patina? 🙂

    • Thanks Julia, tried to visit ur blog but seems like its not available. Diff yes there is… and its no patina. The indian jewelry gold follows hallmark standards…. its 22 karat the highest purity for a mallible yet hard gold. Measured with a number 916 – 91.6% of gold in the alloy, as opposed to 10karat or 14 k yellow gold thats sold in US. It hardly has any gold in it.

  2. love your design, it remInds me of Pietermaritzburg, which is also called little India in South Africa, the ladies in their sarhi’s always looked so graceful and elegant..

  3. Wow these are gorgeous!! They are going to make amazing gifts for your family… they will love them! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the nomination! Excuse the late response, I’ve been occupied with a lot of things going on in my life…..
      Its my first blogiversary and its a pleasure to share the awards my co bloggers thought I’m worth. 🙂

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