Hellopalz Blogiversary!!!

50 posts, 6 topics, 4 cities, 3 blogger awards, 1 wonderful year!
Candle is lit, cupcake is ready and a reason to celebrate? Not just one…Its my first Blogiversary falling on this special day. 
People often ask, why this name for my blog. Months ago I answered it on my ‘about’ page and today’s kinda like an affirmation.
Why Hellopalz? 
I say…What better way to invite everyone to my place online. This name has been my fav since the internet age and a need for a “unique” usernames.
Happy friendship day!
Cant believe a year has passed since I hit publish on my first post reluctantly. Its been one hell of a journey! So much has changed, so much to learn…Started out as an art/jewelry blog, now I can’t get enough with categories.
Blogger Awards
It’s such a surprise and a great pleasure to receive them. Isn’t it? Three of them in the last few months! Why wouldn’t I be happy?!
Glad my readers thought that I/hellopalz was worth it. If you are a blogger you would know. And for the rest, let me make it clear, this ain’t a big deal. Blogger awards are more like chain letters. When you receive it,  you nominate  10 others along with a brief on yourself. It’s really a tool to increase traffic, visibility and appreciate one another.
I would like to change things a bit…. Lets first meet the people who have nominated my blog.
  • Rosie Scribblah – I’m awed by this  talented artist who sketches figure drawing and everyday scene on daily basis for this inspiring blog.  Thanks for seeing the versatility in me. I’m more of a “Jack of all….” kinda person.
  • Catbirdinoman – Identifies herself as a Nomad or a wanderer. She is an English teacher who travels the world and shares her beautiful journey with the rest of us through this blog. Thanks, for you recognize my work here is genuine. 🙂
  • mynycphotography – Meet Jem, moved by the beauty the city has to offer, he hosts this blog full of stills. Thankful to my short stay and this blog acquaintance who nominated hellopalz  as one lovely blog.
Exceptional talents, awe-inspiring people tie in with each other for one common interest. Love for art of various forms. Grateful to all my family,  friends and followers who have shown their love and support to keep this blog alive. 
As a token of thanks, I  humbly request all my reader to visit these interesting blogs.
What’s new and exciting in your life?  
Share it here and celebrate friendship day with me…. Don’t forget to  find and “Like” me on Facebook 
Tutti Fruiti Cupcake
If you’ve lived in Karnataka, I bet you would know this very Indian flavor of cupcake. My school evenings were filled with joyous moments of fun when I get my hands on a couple of delicious tutti-fruiti cupcake for snacks. Strangely I’ve never been able to find these cupcakes anywhere else. The first time I found tutti-frutti in Wal-Mart, I picked it up without second thoughts.  Every once in a while I make it to feed my nostalgia.
In a mood to bake??? Head over to your kitchen, try out this recipe and feed your sweet tooth! 
All purpose flour  2 cups
Sugar 1 1/2 cup
Tutti fruiti  1 cup
Dates 4 pieces
Eggs separated  2
Butter  1 stick
Orange juice 1/2 cup
Milk 1/2 cup
Vanilla extract 1 spoon
Pinch of yellow food color
Pinch of salt
Preheat for 350 F, 20-30 mins to make delicious cupcakes 
For procedure, follow the steps on Tres leches cake.

7 thoughts on “Hellopalz Blogiversary!!!

  1. What a milestone! Congratulations to you! And…that’s a really awesome way of ‘paying it forward’. New for me…as you’ve recently seen…we have a new baby granddaughter!!! Woo Hoo!

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