Mother nature’s color palette – Utah

Red, Blue and Green with a dash of snow and Sunlight… Mother nature at work!
Defined by its beautiful landscapes, Utah is situated in the western America.
Wait…. why sound serious!? I’m talking about an awesome trip… to so-called “canyon” which is a range of strange structures and frightening figures. hmm… Something about the snow, water and the temperature forms the hoodoos. (eh…looked it up on wiki)
Wondering if it’s a photo or a painting? Vibrant hues of nature, captured at the right time of the day with my super awesome Leica. Okay! so here’s the story.
Nature's color palette

Nature’s color palette

 Almost a year ago but the memories of my trip to Utah is still afresh. A perfect road trip was planned with another like-minded couple like us and we arrived at this strangest little town call Hurricane. May be its the name or just the way this town was located amidst vast emptiness, halting here overnight was quite an experience. 
Hoodoos in snow

Hoodoos in snow

A fresh start, the next morning, we visited the Zion canyon for day hikes to emerald pool and other secluded places were a glimpse of the movie 128 hours. Viewing vacation photos of Utah on our friends Facebook, listening to how they rave about the Bryce, just build more tension and exception in my mind.
Honey gold sunshine

Honey gold sunshine

…and yeah! I was so not disappointed. You can stand by the canyon for hours together watching no form of life or activity yet you wont get enough of the beauty of this place.
Later that night, while we drove back from Bryce canyon, I happen to glance the sky. To my surprise, I could see a million stars!  No kidding…When my husband and friends realized this,  we stopped the car at a safe spot somewhere off the road for sky watching.
Sunset at Bryce

Sunset at Bryce

Wow… vast emptiness, pitch dark  moonless night and we could actually see a part of our Milky way galaxy with our naked eyes. Shooting stars… Spotted  meteoroids with the  help of iphone sky-map geek squad. Oh… What an experience!  
Uninformed, unplanned and spontaneous… that’s just how life should be..Right? As for us, this incident  made our night and this trip more romantic 🙂 

7 thoughts on “Mother nature’s color palette – Utah

  1. Your photos are stunning! What a talent and a gift to be able capture images of such beauty and share them with others. The “honey gold sunshine” photo in particular really fires the imagination. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Amazing views. I really love great landscaping photographs and these certainly come n that catergory. I hope I remember to come here again, but I’m pretty absent minded. You are talented

  3. I love Utah so much!! My brother lived in Salt Lake City for 8 years. We traveled to many of the amazing parks there. If you ever have a chance, go to goblin valley in Southern part of Utah. Absolutely stunning. You captured the magic of Utah beautifully!

    • Good to know, Utah is an intriguing state! That was our last tours before moving out to NYC from California. I soooo wanted to visiting other Arches national park and of course yellowstone but never did, during the 5 yrs stay in US. If i ever move back to Calif in will add this to my to do list 🙂

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