How to enjoy your day trips in India?

Emotions are merely a reflection of our inner self. We, human see what we want to see…. Perception is everything! Sounds philosophical and its so not what I usually write about here, but its true… and I realized it lately. 
Being back in Bangalore after three years, we decided to see some places. Its early monsoon in southern part of India. Hiking trails are wet  and risky but the non-perennial rivers and waterfalls are not yet overflowing. Temple and museum are not our first choice either. Our best bet? Plan short day trips to nearby destination, but they activities ended soon. Away from the traffic and urban commotion, we often found ourselves amidst the calm villages and these are a few things I would like to do:
Watching butterflies in flower field
On our way to Shivanasamudra waterfall, we stopped by this gorgeous marigold field. The local farmers harvest the arrays of plants and we watched them pluck those flower in bloom. While I enter the flower field a pair of happy butterflies caught my attention. 
Marigold butterfly
Train spotting under the tamarind tree
The best part of being back home in India is the luxury of stopping our car anywhere off-road. And so we did halt under this (Puliyamaram) tamarind tree, to watch a passenger train pass by. 
Village hut and train
Picking mangoes from a roadside farm
Oooo… Mangoes! Raw, sweet and sour, crisp and tasty! I missed you guys so much out there in US! Summer ends by June here in India and so does the season for mangoes. Luckily, we arrived just in time to relish the raw or ripe mangoes this season 
To hard to resist, we stopped at a farm that was harvesting and asked if we could pick some mangoes and buy it. Unlike the cherry picking and strawberry picking farms in northern California and other parts of US, if you are an Indian you would know that farm guards usually drive people away from the fruit farms. These farmers happily gave us a bunch of handpicked mangoes. 
Mango picking
Walking the narrow paths of a paddy field
Living in a cosmopolitan city like Chennai or Bangalore, it ain’t hard to find the brand I want or the cheese I eat. But India, as you may know, is an agricultural country. If you drive a 100 miles from a well-developed area you will find endless farm land, small towns and villages. It remains unchanged, just the same as it was, for ages now! But its beautiful, acres and acres of land covered with fresh green plants.
The next stop…. A rice farm, walking through the narrow paths that separated the field was a challenge but we enjoyed it anyways. After all how often would you get a chance to do this.
Paddy field
Finding lone trees & strange rocks
This is just another activity that one may love while on a road trip. Finding strange rock formations and lone trees like this one at the edge of a cliff, carved by the river flowing below.  
Lone tree
Strange rocks
End of the day, anywhere you go in the world, you just need to have an open mind to enjoy the local flavor of the place you visit. This is not the first time I’m visiting these small time place, nor is the best time suggested. But I must say, being with my family and curiosity made these trips a rocking one!!!  Share your unusual trip story too…

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