Music, Art, Kitsch Mandi

Warm sunshine, sweet smell of love;
Breezy evening under banyan shade;
Zest of art with groovy tunes in the air;
A clan of free spirit & glowing hearts;
It’s a ticket to joyride and peace!


Sometimes, all you need is a lil-bit-o-love to spring back up into action and make that small world around you a fascinating one again.
Once known as ‘Garden City of  India’ its now a desi silicon valley and a start-up capital.  A lot has changed in the past decades and all you nostalgic Bangaloreans from 90’s, will have much to share. Yet you would agree that adjectives like ‘Happening’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Trendy’ are still associated with this new age Bengaluru. 
Kitsch Mandi
um, What?… Ya, Kitsch Mandi. Psst, new in town huh? I was too… Just take my word for it.  It’s that new thing in town everybody talks about.  A revolutionary art reform that has been long over due!  It’s In… 
Seriously, Where were all these people before? Seems like the gestation period is over and its time to break open the cocoon. 


When it comes to handicrafts and art, the kinda potential India has is tremendous. It’s appealing how artist here take cues from our cultural heritage and apply it to make a off-beat, quirky artifacts.
Who would have thought that beautiful handmade jewelry and fun printed scarfs would make these funky beaded scarf neck pieces.


On Feb 10th, Kitsch Mandi held a theme based event for all the book lovers. Not to many books as such, worth it for it was our first visit. If you are in the city you should check out the one happening on March 10th, that’s today!
Pebbles at Palace ground is the spot, perfect setting for art fair and flea markets. Just relax on one of those rocks and cool off with some chilled beer to the tune of rock, blues or jazz. The ambiance is just enough to spend all afternoon pushing all those mundane worries of weekday life.

Who can forget their teenage summer love, that feeling of being infatuated to someone you never spoke to. Ignorance is in fact bliss.. Not knowing what life has in store for you keeps you happy and surprise in every step of your way.


Sparkles in the air, sweet smell of baked cupcakes, a gathering of artists and happy crowd,  just made my day. Every time I think about it, this peppy song plays in my head. Rhythm of love by plain white tees… it’s a song that inspires me to believe in romance, love and happy ending that  are not always real. 
Color palette inspiration
Taking it one step further, listening to this song with my eyes closed, I can visualize the colors and mood. The blue eyes and cloud nine, the sunset and dark night. Right there, I had my color palette. To create abstract texture with acrylic color yet keep up the whiteness of the paper I’ve used the masking tape  technique. 

Blue streak abstract

Time to say adios amigos… with a cup of tea for poem. Love the way these poems were clipped to a string and that cute couple at the background.  Share your story or write a little something about that first crush  you still remember.

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