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Mysterious and filled with charismatic events, our days to decades are interesting for the way we live it. Towards the end, our destination is not all that matters, after all we are all born to die one day. Cherishing the journey of life is nothing but enjoying the present, the process of living without worrying about future. Seize the day, live to the fullest.


Like most people, when I first learnt about Art Journaling, I was all at sea. The beautiful layers of colors, quotes and patterns left me dumbfounded.  Where do I start, how do I finish?  After a little bit of internet reading, I found out that Art-journaling is a way of self-expression. Most artists and scientist had a journal filled with thoughts, ideas, expression of mood and random daily clipping. If you have fear of working with colors, this will prove to be a good exercise.



Without worrying about how crappy my work would turn out to be,  I grabbed a couple of things and sat down in front of a plain white acrylic painting paper.  It took some time to cleanse my racing thoughts about daily life, allowing me to visualize my first step. My mind  travelled decades ago when I first learnt how to string paint in notebook using ink pen and a piece of thread. Trying to wile away time in a boring class, those days in middle school, I used to be amused by the beautiful pattern a string of inked thread could create.  I hardly recollect, trying out all those silly little school day crafts.

art journalingYOU WILL NEED:

Just about anything!

The “you-will-need” list has endless options. Not something I can tell, I aint Derren Brown to read your state of mind. Listen to your inner self and you will know it.

Here’s a list of things (ignoring the basics) I ended up using during a distorted process of color layering.  Time to get some paint on your palm and smudge some of your face and PJs. 😉

  • Spaghetti sticks
  • String of thread
  • Glitter glue
  • Heart stickers
  • Floral pattern printers

…and while I write this post, I find myself singing “Listen to your heart….”

Painting, layering, patterning… Absorbing the uneven colors and shades, I somehow placed the words SOAR, reliving the moment from my dreams. how I used to have exhilarating flying dreams. Good part is they are mostly lucid and have an inner meaning indicating happiness on its way.



Are you a believer of signs and listen to the intentions of your true inner self?  Sharing a part of me, I can say that the state of mind I was in while I worked on this painting was considerably depressing. Couple of months later, when I sit back and write a post about the process, I realize something amazing. Probably a crappy work of art through which my sub conscious mind tried to signal me. Totally unintentional but tell me if you agree….
The dark stick on red and violet flower are almost like being caged, aloof and blue… The shades of yellow sunshine and a burst of sparkling hearts wants to break away and Soar.
Yes, in the course of few months I realized that “Now is the time” and opened my heart, trusted my broken wings, Took a giant leap of faith…letting my worry stay caged behind and Soar up in the skies seeking happiness. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Soar – Art journaling

  1. Wonderful interpretation. I love how art often shows something that we didn’t intentionally put in there, but starts to speak to us after we’ve finished. I do think that we express our feelings through art, even unconsciously, and that’s why art can be so powerful in dealing with life’s events.

    • Glad you took time to visit and read my post….Appreciate it! This is the place where I ramble and art definitely is awakening! Now that i’m in a happy place, I could interpret my work and make sense out of it. Somehow its still happy n colorful. 🙂

  2. Yes indeed, every journey starts with a step as CraftyMadre says. Love your journal page and we have to remember that our soul incorporated into our work each time we lift paint brush to canvas or pen to paper. Thanks, great work.

  3. why do I see dessert plate & pastries in the second image? I must be really hungry!
    Sounds like a nice start for a novel concept.Looking forward to regular updates 🙂

  4. So glad you “seized the day” and soared with this fun approach to art journaling. Thanks for sharing your process and reminding us to use everyday objects and trust our instincts!

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