Women in New york – 2

Don’t you ever wonder why the fashion standards are so high?
All you fashionistas, let’s face it! No matter how you wish to be a trend-setter, you can’t always pull off a runway outfit on your day job. Unless of course, if you work in fashion or media industry.  
 I like to be fashionable yet keep it practical. This mean I don’t have to worry about any of these:
  • painful feet in gorgeous stilettos while shopping 
  • questionable dress length on first day of job
  • ditching those bottom shelf in a supermarket, thanks to plunging neckline and super low waist jeans
Floating dresss and long skirts in vibrant colors, cute wedges and Ooo laa laa… those knee high gladiators!  Aren’t those satchel,cross body bags are so realistic!  Not too bulky, doesn’t hinder your bus rides, just enough for a day out in the city. I wish they stay in fashion forever……
MobileGeeky or not, these smartphone are addictive…  The world around us can be bustling but we like to keep talking, texting, reading, posting and drifting away to a virtual world. We women live in a world of our own, reality is just a perception anyways!
Funny shot on the left with a statue trying to overhear….. Busy in phone while the street around is busier. Manhattan, the city by itself would kindle the artist in you. For a brief period, I was truly inspired to photography people and streets on Manhattan. Like they say, “outta sight, outta mind”, sadly I didn’t pursue it anymore.
Did you feel the same when you moved to Manhattan?

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