Paper-cut landscape

Paper cut Halloween art

Things that I could do with a black paper… Sketching/ painting the cityscape was fun, what more? Our mind can come up endless creative possibilities… how about paper cut art for the Halloween month? It took over 2 hours to cut out this image on a black paper and give it a framed look. As always my involvement was at its peak when I’m at it. The orange lighting gave it the perfect fall color finish.

Have a spooky scary Halloween!

The color of autumn

My fall home

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Landscape pencil sketches

Just  a few really old landscape sketches, but I’m just glad I still have these.  The first one here is something I really enjoyed sketching. Back in the days before I saw snowfall…I could only imagine the place to be like this. 

Love in the air





Show and tell Saturday : Recycled art supplies

Another post for Show and tell Saturday. Sketches unlike the regular black on white… I began working on both of these projects on different days and realized that my supplies were very limited so I decided to recycle what I already had at home.

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Black and Gold cityscape

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