Kaajewel e-Store


Go North

Buy Now ButtonGo North Compass neck chain – AU$ 12

Pocket Watch

Buy Now ButtonRetro pocket watch neck chain – AU$ 12

Vintage cycle

Buy Now ButtonVintage Cycle long neck chain – AU$ 12


Ear cuff


Turquoise Sterling silver cuff

Buy Now ButtonTurquoise cuff Sterling silver – AU$ 15

Moustache cuff with Studs

Buy Now ButtonMoustache cuff with Studs – AU$ 7

Mystic butterfly golden cuff

Buy Now ButtonMystic butterfly cuff – AU$ 5

Copper swirl

Buy Now ButtonCopper Swirl- AU$ 5



Hoopla red Hoops

Buy Now Button Hoopla red Hoops – AU$ 8

Mamacita Chandelier  (Mystic Grey, Swan White, Lemon Yellow)

Buy Now ButtonMamacita Chandelier 3 colors left (Mystic Grey, Swan White, Lemon Yellow) – AU$ 7



17 thoughts on “Kaajewel e-Store

  1. Hello. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. 🙂 I love the fall essence in the first photograph on your page. I can’t wait until the trees start turning and falling in my neck of the woods. I also really like your leather cuffs. I’ve been hesitant to get into that medium. I want to one day sooner than later. 😀

  2. How wonderful bead works. I admire Your skills to do these. Also also I admire Your color selections. All of Your works have been made with good taste so that it is a great pleasure to look at them. Thank You.

    If You do not mind, I put the link from my blog in which You can see how my wife has been beading and some from her courses. This link contains three posts.

    Beads as hobby

    I hope that You can get some ideas from these.

    Have a lovely day.

  3. Just saw the earrings you were referring to with the gold loop and coral, very nice! Your website is amazing!! I wish I could get mine up to speed like yours.

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