4 ways to sketch on black paper

Two month long wait,  meetings friends and family, travel between Chennai and Bangalore and  finally something that makes me happier than ever….
Yay, Our shipment has arrived! All those dresses, boots, jackets, accessories and everything that define me as a person is here. Although we are home with our family, there are times when I miss the cooking a delicious dessert or spending all afternoon designing an elegant earring. Memories make life beautiful and while I unpack my belongings, it was nice to revisit the various black paper sketches arranged neatly in my portfolio.
Drawing with white pencil
My DH is a wine connoisseur who loves red wine, needless to mention all the Napa valley visits and wine tasting experience. Inspired by the world class flavor of Robert Mondavi wine served with cheese and cracker is this sketch made on large black paper with white pencil.
Wine on black
A little unusual from my previous sketching experiences is the wine sketch. This time I tried sketching the from the object itself, capturing reflection of light on glass and scaling to the right size.
Wine glass white charcoal
Speed  sketching with silver pen
Beautiful laced white heart, “Love is in the air” sketched with silver pen on black paper has been the most visited post in Hellopalz. Visit the link or share thoughts.
White sketches on black
Using Chalk on black 
Check out the random scribbles of a music lover…Monochrome art appreciating the real music, I mean the rock music. Not that I don’t enjoy small doses of hip hop and R&B 😉
Painting gold over black
Take a tour of the cityscape of San Francisco with bay bridge as seen from Oakland, photographed by Kiran.
While job search and settling down takes a toll, writing a post always makes a blogger happy.

Blinded colors

Darkness, void, the absence of light, evil, fear or just something unknown….Black. This color could mean a million things to people of various culture, but in this modern world, its intriguing, elegant, versatile, trendy, chic and always in. Not matter what it symbolizes, I love the black for it’s the darkest color out there and create a wonderful contrast!

Monochrome flora

Like a desire to make darkness visible, I captured these pixels of gray and white against the darkness. The depth of monochrome makes this everyday plant seem mysterious. The soft snow flakes melt way in the bright morning sunshine of a winter day. Out with my camera after a hot cup of coffee, it was a great way to cheer up, soon after I moved to my new apartment in Jersey. 

monochrome plant snow

Spring has spring, the winter is done
But my love for black is never gone!

Oh look! that’s some what rhyming… after all, nature does inspire us to be poetic 🙂 Rested on the stagnant pond this leaf with thorny bottom, caught my attention. The texture, highlights and reflection all fell in place making it a right time and place to shoot.                                                                                                                          

floating water plant

Monochrome art – Chalk over black

Art doesn’t always be on a white canvas. Like these photos, lets highlight the negative space to create something different. In line with my other black paper drawings, sharing another doodle scribbles with chalk. Just a speed drawing to express myself and love for music.

Music Chalk on black paper

More on black paper art…

With silver ink – Love is in the air

With golden paint – SF cityscape

Love is in the air

Every artist was first an amateur…Until he finds his muse. 

With hearts and roses, smiles and peace…The trance of love fills the air. What more can I expect in this month of Valentines?

In this post, I’m sharing two freestyle work of art and participating in the monthly challenge at Artist In Blogland. It stands for its name, a place full of amazing people and very talented artist. Thanks to the host Marcia for connecting us. This months topic is Expectation and I’m submitting the black paper art- love.

A fun way to spend this cold Tuesday afternoon indoors with colors.

Black paper – silver ink

The first one is quite simple doodle art on black paper with a metallic silver pen. Continue reading

Show and tell Saturday : Recycled art supplies

Another post for Show and tell Saturday. Sketches unlike the regular black on white… I began working on both of these projects on different days and realized that my supplies were very limited so I decided to recycle what I already had at home.

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Black and Gold cityscape

<!–more–> I really wanted to Continue reading