Blinded colors

Darkness, void, the absence of light, evil, fear or just something unknown….Black. This color could mean a million things to people of various culture, but in this modern world, its intriguing, elegant, versatile, trendy, chic and always in. Not matter what it symbolizes, I love the black for it’s the darkest color out there and create a wonderful contrast!

Monochrome flora

Like a desire to make darkness visible, I captured these pixels of gray and white against the darkness. The depth of monochrome makes this everyday plant seem mysterious. The soft snow flakes melt way in the bright morning sunshine of a winter day. Out with my camera after a hot cup of coffee, it was a great way to cheer up, soon after I moved to my new apartment in Jersey. 

monochrome plant snow

Spring has spring, the winter is done
But my love for black is never gone!

Oh look! that’s some what rhyming… after all, nature does inspire us to be poetic 🙂 Rested on the stagnant pond this leaf with thorny bottom, caught my attention. The texture, highlights and reflection all fell in place making it a right time and place to shoot.                                                                                                                          

floating water plant

Monochrome art – Chalk over black

Art doesn’t always be on a white canvas. Like these photos, lets highlight the negative space to create something different. In line with my other black paper drawings, sharing another doodle scribbles with chalk. Just a speed drawing to express myself and love for music.

Music Chalk on black paper

More on black paper art…

With silver ink – Love is in the air

With golden paint – SF cityscape


Sketching from a photo – Yosemite

Wilderness, lakes, waterfalls, meadows,  grand mountains that touch the blue sky and evergreens that stand tall against them. All I can say is, it’s a pathway to heaven! There is something about the high sierras that you can’t never get enough.

My Inspiration

If you have been to Yosemite national park in California, you would agree with me.  I have already visited Yosemite thrice in the past 2 years and I think it’s a must-visit spot for anyone visiting California. The man in my life,  a photographer, a hiker and a nature lover worships this place. Head over to his blog to check out the beautiful shots of Yosemite Tunnel view. He has been my inspiration and this photo is a reference to my first charcoal sketch.

Visit Kiran’s Yosemite photography

Why charcoal sketching?

Pencil sketching is great but the options are limited, when you want to expand the spectrum of colors with just black grey and white. Charcoal gives a whole new dimension to your sketch when handled right. This sketch took about 5 hours to recreate, capturing the details from the photos and my visit to the park. 

Before you start, analyze the photo and differentiate the shades of black between a charcoal, 6B, 4B and other graphite pencils that you could use. Sharing some of the in-process and finished sketch photographs. 

Question to the fellow artists??

 I found it hard to save such drawings without smudging the charcoal. As a short time fix, I used a cling wrap to cover it up because I did not have one of those transparent sleeves. How do you save your drawings that are bigger than A4 size? 

As I sit back and write this post, I realize that there is a lot of scope for improvement in the sketching. I still am proud of my work and I guess that’s the way to motivate oneself! Thank you for visiting! 

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Paper-cut landscape

Paper cut Halloween art

Things that I could do with a black paper… Sketching/ painting the cityscape was fun, what more? Our mind can come up endless creative possibilities… how about paper cut art for the Halloween month? It took over 2 hours to cut out this image on a black paper and give it a framed look. As always my involvement was at its peak when I’m at it. The orange lighting gave it the perfect fall color finish.

Have a spooky scary Halloween!

The color of autumn

My fall home

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Landscape pencil sketches

Just  a few really old landscape sketches, but I’m just glad I still have these.  The first one here is something I really enjoyed sketching. Back in the days before I saw snowfall…I could only imagine the place to be like this. 

Love in the air




The beautiful people

Landscape is my first preference but for a change I tried out sketching people, culture and attire. The first thing you will learn about India if you wiki/google is about how everything changes from state to state. Language, food, attire, art, cultures, belief and so much more… My Dad’s transferable jobs, helped us travel and live in a bunch of states, mostly in southern and central India. These sketches are a reflection of events in my past.

P.S – Excuse the quality of images, some of these drawings are as old as 13 years now. Just some rough sketches, just feels good to have them around and see it dated 1998 🙂

பரத நாட்டியம்

Bharathanatiyam – a classical dance form, originated from Tamilnadu

Indian Dance form

बोल चूड़ियाँ

Girl dancing Garba – tradition of Gujarat

Reminds me of the dance my friend -Deepa and I performed back then… Give us a ghagra (skirt) and dupatta (scarf) and we will dance all day like a little girls!

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Character sketches

Since my childhood I had been keen about drawing, I used to sketch out a really nice landscape/portrait and mess it up when I tried to paint them. It took me more than 15 years of my life to realize that I was good at pencil sketching and now that’s all I do when it comes to drawings.

Usually I stick to sketching landscape or monument, never tried cartoons. When I came to California in 2008, I was homesick and missed my lil’ brother a lot. We used to talk all about our school days, the pranks and the time we shared watching cartoon network. My fave show was “The Little Lulu show” and he used to watch a lengthy list of action or sci-fi cartoons. Dexter’s laboratory was our common show! We loved it, mostly because we could relate to it. He was the Dexter and he called me Dee dee…the elder sister who troubled him the most!

Even in this digital era, writing letter and personalizing gifts makes me happy. Although I talk to my mom every other day and see them online, I sometimes send letters. This one day, I thought I should send a letter  to my brother with Dexter’s sketch attached and of course he was happy to receive it!