A dash of history with granny square scarf

Around the time I went to high school, before the internet and emails became a commonplace in India, there were only a few internet cafe, who by the way, charged a very high per hour rate with darn slow computers. Back in late 90’s, we lived in a small town called Belgaum in northern Karnataka. My dad and I went to check out this new ‘net-cafe’ after a yummy ice-cream treat. That day, I signed up for my first email account with usa.net. You see, I couldn’t use just Priya as my user name, so the guy at the cafe suggested p_riya16 or something of that sort. I had no clue that there was trial and error option when it comes to choosing your username, so I settled for this complicated one with underscores and my age! It didn’t last that long, the .net domain became paid and we lost the records but the fun memories and first time experience lasts forever…. 

Red and white yarn

Well my point is, today we live in an internet age which comes with its own advantages. I’m happy to have global friends and followers, stay connected with old schoolmates and learn everything at the convenience of my home. Yeah, I took you through my the story of my life to convey that I learnt granny square crochet scarf purely from YouTube. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the story though, it was a special day,  that’s probably why I remember it even after 13 years.

Granny squares

Granny square is a great technique for newbie like me. Apart from being a cyclic and a 70’s fashion, it has fun history to it. Quoting author Debbie Stoller,

If you grew up in the seventies, as I did, you might fear the granny square–if only because, for a while, clothing was made of nothing else. Granny square vests, granny square shorts, granny square hats. Heck, I bet there was some kid out there who was forced to go to school wearing granny square underwear.

Thank goodness, for today this pattern is just feminine and a very unique addition to my winter closet. I started out with the red square, adding off-white borders to it for the width and attached it to one another.

  • Wool – Bulky, 1 yarn of each color 
  • Stitch – Single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), treble crochet (tc) with granny square pattern.
  • Hook size – I, 5.5MM

Granny square in progress

It’s a short scarf now, I’m yet to complete this project by adding length but I’m posting this anyways. Who said that everything I shared on my blog should be a finished work? What about all the ideas, the work in progress and those sad little incomplete projects?

When I get around to finish it, I will let you know… Be inspired by the vast history and the new age!