Cherry blossom and crochet earrings tutorial

Ahh… What a relief??? All those jackets, scarves and shoes, its time to go back in! While the rest of the world is busy spring cleaning, we couldn’t stay home any longer.  After all time waits for no man! And so doesn’t the cherry blossom, here at the Brooklyn botanical garden. Four months of visiting the city on weekly basis and I must say this was the best day out. 

Brooklyn cherry blossom

As you walk through the garden, the array of cherry blossom takes the center stage. Standing against the blue sky and the green grass, the view is breath taking. All you would want to do is lie down and soak up the Sun or maybe picnic and watch random New yorkers and the cute kids running around.

While you breath in the beauty of this place, make sure to loop the Japanese garden. This small landscape is prettied up with warm arch bridge, the weeping higan cherries in full bloom hanging low over the shimmering pond. Sakura Matsuri, the annual cherry blossom festival is on April 28-29 but the plants are past peak bloom, so don’t wait up visit the garden soon!

Japanese garden

Easy crochet earring

My design inspiration

Kiran absolutely loved the garden, especially with his macro camera. His photographs are so inspiring both to improve my photography skills and a muse for my creations! Amongst the cherry blossom and vibrant tulips, these pretty daffodils with yellow center and soft white petals was rare find this late in April.

Spring crochet earring

How about a simple earring that you can do-it-yourself! You can be a newbie in crochet or trying out jewelry making. 

Things needed:

  • Left over yarn – lightweight or thinner
  • Crochet hook – F/ 3.75mm or smaller
  • A pair of french ear wire
  • Jump ring – 2
  • Flower bead or pretty flat bead – 2
  • Flat nose pliers

DIY spring crochet earrings

Crochet pattern (Simplified):

  • With F crochet hook, make a slip stitch, chain 4 and join to make a loop
  • Rnd 1 – Chain 2 for height and 11 double crochet around.
  • Join to the 2nd ch of the 1st height, knot to finish and chop off the yarn. 
Earring making:
  • Using a flat nose plier open jump ring away from one another NOT wide and apart.
  • Insert crochet disc, the flower bead and the ear wire loop in the same order.
  • Close the jump ring and repeat the steps for the other pair. Done!
Visit your local spring garden, make these simple earrings and wear them proudly!