6 asymmetrical necklaces for a sassy look

There is nothing more glamourous  than a woman who can embrace her true self with all her perfect imperfections… after all even her reflection is chiral.  A friend once told me that my smile looks different in the mirror than real; Startled, I looked back at my reflection, only to see a mirror image of myself. We never see ourselves the same way that the rest of the world does, only mirror images.
Symmetry does not have a place in nature; every being is truly unique. Moved by the thought, asymmetry has come to be my muse in jewellery making. I enjoy designing two types of asymmetrical necklaces:
  •  Beaded necklaces,  dressy, grandiose and edgy
  • Filigree long neck chains are airy, light, bohemian & casual with layered chains
Earrings divinely mismatched for the flower child souls out there. Keep a watch for the asymmetrical earrings upcoming collection by Kaajewel
Beaded necklace with cluster pendant
Turquoise beaded necklace – Pastel aqua blue 8mm beads stringed with white imitation pearls on one side and pearl cluster silver pendent on another.

Turquoise necklace

Night black beaded necklace – Shiny black bead balanced by german silver bead crown with grey-black rhinestone studded in swirl for pendant with a dangling droplet on the side.

Black gem grey

Brown pearl necklace with bejeweled silver leaf pendant  sold with a matching pair of silver tone clasp earrings.

Maroon pearl leaf necklace

Sea Green turquoise strung with tarnished gem beads and fancy bow tie pendant with pearl and frills. Paired with sea green dangles.

Filigree chain necklace

Antique silver leaf filigree pendant  with fine silver tone chain and asymmetrical grey beads and hanging chain earrings to go with it. Another, the purple one is funky and  my personal favorite with amethyst filigree flower with layers of looped links and silver tone chains.
Leaf chain
Asymmetrical necklace collection

Asymmetrical necklace collection




Shuffle pourri – Earrings swap party

An abode for artisan, a backyard of art connoisseur,  the Queen of e-bazaars. They say… She is a beauty!
There’s a new buzz in town. It’s delightful and every jewelry-maker’s muse. ItsHandMade.in is throwing a swap party – Shuffle Pourri for all jewelry artist. Yay!
It’s no news to my Facebook followers, how much I rave about my awesome new workplace but I never mentioned why. Bangalore is the entrepreneurial hub of India and this shift is ought to happen. Long story short, tired of dead-end  role at a corporate giant in this new age India, my focus turned to startup jobs and found my place at ItsHandMade. Well, I must say the reverse migration was such an ordeal to begin with, however, it has been a fascinating episode in my existence. Working with young minds who are forerunners in business is just exhilarating.
That’s the chalk talk… let’s get down to “chai-pani-binness” business.
red velvet pearl low
The rulebook is shared on ItsHandMade Blog…..It’s simple, here’s is how it goes:
  • Cook up your bead pourri , Snap a pretty picture…Bundle up to let fly!
  • Prepare for airdrop,  Buckle up peeps…Its time to get busy beading…
  • Design a gorgeous pair of earring and Share, Share, Share!
Psst, they have some really cool DIY post. This is a closed event accepting participants who sell on the website. {Meeeeee….me..me}
Right on! Registered and waiting to see who is gonna be my shuffle partner. Now I’ve dealt with beaded, wire wrapping and fabric jewelry, suddenly, I’m inquisitive about  paper quilling or terra-cotta jewelry…. Guess why? Okay, here’s the deal
Apart from selling as Kaajewel – Krafted and Artisan Jewelry exclusively on ItsHandMade, I love this website for the wide artist and all the community building activity.
“Can you tell, those are paper filigree jewelry?” now that’s an attention grabber, right there.  Isn’t it awesome?
Swaati, the artist behind QuillKaari, makes these fabulous paper-quilled jewelry that’s long-lasting and finished to perfection! She calls these earrings “Fireworks on a Moonlit Night” Makes me wanna be there gazing at the sky. Aaaahhh…I’m such a big fan. Hmm….I know you can tell. 🙂
Jewelry 2011
I couldn’t resist shopping for these funky creations. Here’s another one….
Neither I’m high maintenance nor do I treat my man like an ATM, yet we think this Hubby-Wifey coaster  an über cool rest stop for our evening cuppa-coffee and jibber jabber. (Te-he-he…Dr.Cooper!)
Do check back on Kaajewel Facebook page for my shuffle partner and our hybrid creations.
Check out Kaajewel eStore for latest design

Whim of a fiery red flames

Call yourself a nomad or an explorer… you would agree that transition is fun but often not that easy. My blog(..or blogs including this new one! :-)), which by the way is a major part of my life, is undergoing extensive changes:
…and of course I continue to blog about my design, inspirations and a dab of DIYs’
On my recent trip to the evergreen Bandipur national reserve in South India, we had a wonderful evening around the bonfire. Soaking in warmth while my camera clicked some casual shots. Soon I realized that one find their muse in the strangest of places . This is my whim to design another piece for the red collection.
Fiery hot inspiration
Fiery hot inspiration
Blazing hot red flame sizzles with luminous yellow lining reminded the gold tone metal combined with a bright red or a pretty pink components.
Check my bead stock and found this untouched string of beads . Usually I steer clear of chunky beads for earrings but I had to make an exception. Embellished with a couple of swarowski crystals and finished with a pair of flattened metal stud instead of a regular french ear-wire.
Flaming red studded earrings
Order this earring or custom design it for just Rs.299. Visit Kaajewel store on itshandmade. Shipping anywhere in India.

Cherry blossom and crochet earrings tutorial

Ahh… What a relief??? All those jackets, scarves and shoes, its time to go back in! While the rest of the world is busy spring cleaning, we couldn’t stay home any longer.  After all time waits for no man! And so doesn’t the cherry blossom, here at the Brooklyn botanical garden. Four months of visiting the city on weekly basis and I must say this was the best day out. 

Brooklyn cherry blossom

As you walk through the garden, the array of cherry blossom takes the center stage. Standing against the blue sky and the green grass, the view is breath taking. All you would want to do is lie down and soak up the Sun or maybe picnic and watch random New yorkers and the cute kids running around.

While you breath in the beauty of this place, make sure to loop the Japanese garden. This small landscape is prettied up with warm arch bridge, the weeping higan cherries in full bloom hanging low over the shimmering pond. Sakura Matsuri, the annual cherry blossom festival is on April 28-29 but the plants are past peak bloom, so don’t wait up visit the garden soon!

Japanese garden

Easy crochet earring

My design inspiration

Kiran absolutely loved the garden, especially with his macro camera. His photographs are so inspiring both to improve my photography skills and a muse for my creations! Amongst the cherry blossom and vibrant tulips, these pretty daffodils with yellow center and soft white petals was rare find this late in April.

Spring crochet earring

How about a simple earring that you can do-it-yourself! You can be a newbie in crochet or trying out jewelry making. 

Things needed:

  • Left over yarn – lightweight or thinner
  • Crochet hook – F/ 3.75mm or smaller
  • A pair of french ear wire
  • Jump ring – 2
  • Flower bead or pretty flat bead – 2
  • Flat nose pliers

DIY spring crochet earrings

Crochet pattern (Simplified):

  • With F crochet hook, make a slip stitch, chain 4 and join to make a loop
  • Rnd 1 – Chain 2 for height and 11 double crochet around.
  • Join to the 2nd ch of the 1st height, knot to finish and chop off the yarn. 
Earring making:
  • Using a flat nose plier open jump ring away from one another NOT wide and apart.
  • Insert crochet disc, the flower bead and the ear wire loop in the same order.
  • Close the jump ring and repeat the steps for the other pair. Done!
Visit your local spring garden, make these simple earrings and wear them proudly!

Gothic inspired accessories

Deep colors,  edgy design, the Victorian touch. Inspired by the timeless gothic culture, these hand-crafted pieces make a unique fashion statement. Classy Goth! I perceive fashion to be a personal choice, something in my zone of comfort.

Black wire wrapping 

My latest attempt to include the striking black wire with deep red and pink beads turned out interesting.  I started out sketching these shapes and tried to add beads for a splash of color. I used a wire with higher gauge which makes a bold statement.

Gothic black and pink

The template for sharing this piece of earring is made with polyvore. When I started blogging, it was mostly just about the handmade jewelry but as you can see I like variety and sharing the events in my life as it happens. 

Here’s another one… a striking red earring with swirl wire work and a matching black beaded bracelet. 

Black and red set

Silver black earrings

This orange crystal bead with tarnished silver loop makes a simple and light weight earring.  Oh, I’m also writing a post about jewelry photography. I realize that there are only a few articles out there on this topic for casual hand-made accessories.

Black beads, short is sweet! Yet another color of chandelier earring. Find rest of my collection on the jewelry gallery. Hope the spring has sprung at your place. 🙂

Silver black chandelier

Blue bells earrings for holidays

Last day of the year 2011, I cant believe that its end of the year already. The city of new york turns into a winter wonderland during christmas and new years. Inspired by the colorful lights of the holidays are these few of these sparkling earrings.

Blue chandelier

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Rustic copper swirls

Rustic copper swirls

Its fun to play with wires, the swirls are a sweet twist when combined with crystal to make these cute earrings. While at it, I found myself unhappy with store brought ear-wires, if you are a jewelry maker you know what I mean. I made these ear-wires, the finish is just the way I want it to be.  They are a perfect pair of earrings with peach and earthy blue green crystals beads.

Clusters pearl and crystal

Cluster earrings, the ones that look like a grape bunch are my personal choice. If u put together the soft white pearls and grey crystals together, they make a versatile earring that one can wear with almost anything. Check out the older post for other cluster earrings in my older post. The colorful clusters 

Focal bead

The crystal bead, doesn’t always have to be the focal point in an earring. Sandwich the spacer bead with bright blue crystal. The other red and green earring is slim and elegant and has an Indian touch to it.