Yarn accessories

Designer bags, fashion watches, chic outfits. Have you shopped your spring collection yet???
Find them at the canal street knock off or at the high end 5th ave stores… living by the city does have its perks!


With the warm ‘n humid weather its time to really pack away those cute hats and scarf making space for the fun & colorful spring summery clothes.
As for me, its not just a time to spring clean my home. Its time to move…. AGAIN!!!!
And this time its much more exciting, ‘coz its where I belong! 🙂
My blue crochet hat and scarf made with chain stitch zig zag pattern came in so handy this winter but its time to hibernate while I enjoy the warm tropical Sun!
The travel and relocation may be stressful, but my blog has a lot more variety and flavor than usual! Keep coming back for more, from yet another exciting location!

5 reasons why I love charcoal drawings

Not to long ago, I was curious enough to start using charcoal for sketching. The regular graphite pencil can never yield the darker shades of black like charcoal pencils. Today I’m sharing the first charcoal drawing that I tried. It’s a very simple one-tone drawing, probably took about an hour to finish.  

The reasons why I love using charcoal pencils for my drawing.

  • The history – Knowing that this could be one of the tools used for pre-historic cave drawing is fun. In my past experiences, graphite pencils have resulted in shiny finish upon layering for darker shades. I was ready to move on and graduate to using charcoal.
  • The look-and-feel – of the drawing is completely different. Using charcoal or charcoal pencils are like liquid pencils, creating paint-like sketching.  It is more spontaneous and natural.
  • Depth- As a self-taught artist, using charcoal has made my drawings more realistic. The depth and texture it creates with rich black tones makes it the mother-of-all pencil sketching mediums.
  • The technique – I like to mix and match graphite and charcoal together. Charcoal can produce bold contour drawings as well as volume drawings. Some of the examples are mountains, wood, bark of trees, shadow, hair or fur and so on.
  • The mess – I have to admit, using charcoal can be messy, but it make me feel like a real artist when she finishes her master piece and watches it with a messy had and streaks of paint on her face and hair. 😉 As a beginner, I try to stick to charcoal pencils for more controlled strokes.  Also be wary of the smudge during and after the drawing is finished. Use a spray fixative or a cling wrap for quick fix!

Couple evening

Graphite Fashion sketches

The ones below are some fashion sketches where I used graphite pencils. Practicing to sketch figure and facial expression. Continue reading