6 asymmetrical necklaces for a sassy look

There is nothing more glamourous  than a woman who can embrace her true self with all her perfect imperfections… after all even her reflection is chiral.  A friend once told me that my smile looks different in the mirror than real; Startled, I looked back at my reflection, only to see a mirror image of myself. We never see ourselves the same way that the rest of the world does, only mirror images.
Symmetry does not have a place in nature; every being is truly unique. Moved by the thought, asymmetry has come to be my muse in jewellery making. I enjoy designing two types of asymmetrical necklaces:
  •  Beaded necklaces,  dressy, grandiose and edgy
  • Filigree long neck chains are airy, light, bohemian & casual with layered chains
Earrings divinely mismatched for the flower child souls out there. Keep a watch for the asymmetrical earrings upcoming collection by Kaajewel
Beaded necklace with cluster pendant
Turquoise beaded necklace – Pastel aqua blue 8mm beads stringed with white imitation pearls on one side and pearl cluster silver pendent on another.

Turquoise necklace

Night black beaded necklace – Shiny black bead balanced by german silver bead crown with grey-black rhinestone studded in swirl for pendant with a dangling droplet on the side.

Black gem grey

Brown pearl necklace with bejeweled silver leaf pendant  sold with a matching pair of silver tone clasp earrings.

Maroon pearl leaf necklace

Sea Green turquoise strung with tarnished gem beads and fancy bow tie pendant with pearl and frills. Paired with sea green dangles.

Filigree chain necklace

Antique silver leaf filigree pendant  with fine silver tone chain and asymmetrical grey beads and hanging chain earrings to go with it. Another, the purple one is funky and  my personal favorite with amethyst filigree flower with layers of looped links and silver tone chains.
Leaf chain
Asymmetrical necklace collection

Asymmetrical necklace collection




How did I come about making this pearl necklace?

Something that she wish she had, Something that she longs for….Perhaps something that she mentioned, while they window shop?
An elegant cascading pearl necklace draping her beautiful neckline!
A loving husband meticulously planning a surprise anniversary gift for his wife approached with his raw idea… Oh! Did I mention  that Kaajewel sells in India via ItsHandMade also check out the latest design in Kaajewel eStore! My exciting new venture brought in this interesting request. Moved by the love they shared and an opportunity to make it much special, I responded to his email.
Pearl necklace made to order

Pearl necklace made to order

This gentleman  actually took the time out to sketch out a design that was in his mind. “The dots are pearl, the line are chains, linked to layer one below the other”, he describes. Instantly, I could visualize the design in my mind and yes that’s a cascading  or multi-layered necklace.His idea is on paper, the vision is in my mind  and to solve the confusion I presented these two sample designs. One with pearl droplets attached to chain and the other with pearls linked to the chain…. and the answer? A right mix of both pearl links with pretty pearl danglers.
Individually wire wrapped for durability and constructed with utmost care is this pearl necklace made with white metal and chain. To compliment this piece are these various earrings. The choice is yours…
  • Just a drop of pearl- to balance out the necklace well.
  • Cluster earrings – follow the droplet theme
  • White stone embellished – for those grand occasion
He placed the order, I made the necklace and earrings over the weekend. The color of love has always been RED and thats why I chose a pretty red velvet jewelry box, added a matching 2-strand pearl bracelet as a freebie. Something to make the happy couple, happier… Glad to be a part this journey…Happy Anniversary!!!
…..And that’s how I came to make this 3 strand cascading pearl necklace.

Interchangeable pearl-coral necklace

Getting in touch with my roots, this necklace is made with the ethnic vintage design in mind. We Indians love gold and gold tone, mostly because it looks gorgeous on our olive, dusky complexion.
Soon after I ventured out into jewelry making, my family from India visited us and I realized that I seldom could gift them the handmade items. It turned out to motivate me to kick start these ethnic designs.
Interchangeable chains

Interchangeable chains

Something unique about this necklace. The store-bought pendant and earring set is the common piece while it’s designed to swap the handmade beaded chains with a simple lobster clasp. Howzat! 🙂
Make a statement with  red coral attachment or wear it with elegant pearls finished with this contrasting pendant. I added a few ruby reds and green crystals to balance it out.
Pearl coral beaded

Pearl coral beaded

These two pairs of necklaces, one with ruby another with emerald was made over year ago and preserved safely so that I can gift it to my mom and mil when visit India.
It’s that time now and they absolutely loved it! Makes me so happy to see them wear it with Indian sarees and salwars.
Now since I’m here I’m taking it slow… ‘coz I’m enjoying the tropical fruits yet suffering in heat, relishing grand festive meals whilst attending crowded indian gatherings. In a nutshell, I do feel homesick in hometown, but the busy days are keeping the blues away.
Ethnic coral necklace

Ethnic coral necklace

Cant wait to go beads shopping here! Tell me how do you like my design and photography. Pin it if you like it!!!

Show and Tell Saturday…Bead bunch bracelets

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This is my first post for the “Show and Tell Saturday”
Bracelets are always fun to wear! I’ve made some for the ladies and leather cuffs for men. The blue and green crystal with pearl droplets are made with lobster claps. Others are my favorite scrunchies, casual and cute. Continue reading